Our kitchen prepares meals from delicious local ingredients for all events, such as family parties, weddings, commemoration parties company events, Christmas parties..

Wild berries and mushrooms as well as game and fish are selected and prepared by the host and hostess of Loma Lopotti. Bread and pastries are freshly baked in the Restaurant Huilinki oven.

We deliver meals to your chosen location and we also serve the meals when needed. We deliver food to wilderness camps as well.

Talon erikoisuus poronfilettä ja duche perunoitaOur house speciality is Reindeer Fillet with Duchesse Potatoes.
Catering inquiries tel. +358 400 284 722.
Examples of our catering products

Here are some of our most popular choices from which we prepare meals according to the customer's wishes


  • Mushroom, reindeer or cheese soup
  • Platter of Fish, Cold Cuts or Salad

Main courses

  • Sautéed Reindeer
  • House Reindeer Fillet
  • Flame-roasted or Baked Salmon
  • House Whitefish
  • Casseroles (reindeer, ham, fish)
  • Creamy Reindeer Soup
  • Fish Soup (salmon, whitefish, vendace)


  • Wild Berries from Our Forest
  • Berry Dessert (cloudberry, cranberry, lingonberry)
  • Baked Cheese with Jam

Other choices

  • Sandwich Cakes (meat, fish)
  • Layer Cakes
  • Pies (savoury, sweet)
  • Salads

poronfile ja duche perunat